Frugal Accomplishments

Frugal Things

1. Chase rewards

I am loving Chase’s 5% cash back on grocery store purchases this month. I earned $44 in reward points for this billing cycle alone. **As long as you pay your bill off each month, this is a smart way to generate some easy money for your family

2. Wedding attire


This is a picture of me and my littlest niece who was a flower girl at the wedding. She calls me Bizabeth and I call her Juju and we love each other!

My beautiful niece got married this past weekend and the wedding was absolutely perfect. My kids were a part of the wedding party so we were tasked with finding a white dress for my daughter and a white button down shirt for my son (it was a country themed wedding so he only had to wear jeans and dark colored shoes) We found Ben’s shirt at the thrift store for $2 (Bonus: We also used the same shirt for his First Communion last weekend) Emma’s dress was a little harder to find, but we eventually found the perfect dress at Ross for just $15. Both kids looked great and had a wonderful time.

3. Free ham

My father had a cow butchered a few weeks ago and my mom was tasked with cleaning out their freezer before the meat got delivered. She offered me a ham that had been in the freezer for awhile so I gladly took it. We had ham one night and lots of ham and cheese omelets for breakfast over the weekend. Since we are tired of ham right now, I froze it in six smaller portions that I can pull out easily to make things with later in the month. Thanks Mama!

4. Cheap outing


This week was Ben’s turn to have his outing with me and he chose to see Detective Pikachu at the local movie theater (He has been waiting for months to see this movie) We of course went on the bargain priced day so we only had to spend around $16 for two tickets and a small popcorn combo. **Ben made sure we refilled our cup before we left to get our money’s worth…#raisingthemright

5. Surprise discount

My daughter needed new tennis shoes so we headed out to find the store with the best deals. This time Shoe Carnival won by a landslide. Emma only had to try on one pair of shoes before she found the perfect pair…ON CLEARANCE! That never happens to us by the way. Both of my kids have to try on tons of shoes before one finally makes the cut. The biggest surprise was that the shoes rang up for $15 cheaper than the lowest sticker price at the register. We were both happy with that news. **My son chose to forego a new pair of shoes and settled on a longer pair of laces to make his current shoes last longer. Apparently the shoes are long enough but he complains that they squeeze his foot in the middle too much. We finally realized this was due to short laces and not the shoe itself. So for $2 he can keep his favorite shoes for another few months at least.


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