Frugal Accomplishments

Frugal Things

1. Signed up for Book It!

Image result for book it image

Every year we sign up for Pizza Hut’s Book It! Program as homeschoolers. Free pizza just for reading…yes please!

2. Dresses


Belk was having a sale on all of their previously marked down dresses for 40% off the lowest ticketed price.  I have been searching for new dresses forever and ever (I guess I am just super picky) So to say that I was very happy (and shocked) to find two that I actually liked were on sale would be an understatement. Both dresses ended up being just under $20 each.

3. Free drinks and lots of entertainment

dad race
Photo courtesy of Emma Schroer

My husband ran in the 3M River Run this past Saturday. It was the first race that I had ever been to, so we had a lot of fun people watching. The race was sponsored by Pepsi, so the volunteers were handing out free drinks which helped to cheer up a grumpy Ben. We also learned as we watched each runner approach the finish line that each runner has a certain tick while running. We saw a few runners that made interesting noises as they ran, some looked at their watches almost constantly, some ran in an almost squatted position, some sprinted (I think 5 men finished the 10K in under 38 minutes…wow), and one tired young man kept screaming to his father (who was also in the race) that he did not want to go any farther (this was during the last 100 yards, after completing the previous 7 miles) While we waited for my husband to finish, we also got to enjoy the beautiful views of the Tennessee River.

4. Joe Wheeler energy updates

While I was online paying my electric bill, I noticed that our energy co-op had added a new feature where you can receive an email telling you how much energy your household consumed during that day. So for the past week, I have been enjoying monitoring our daily usage and making more of an effort to be more conscious of our energy expenditures in our day to day life. **So far we average between $2-$3 a day on energy costs, but I know this will go up when our air conditioning kicks on next month.

5. Freebies

Besides watching my kids so that my husband and I could go out to eat alone, my mom and sister also sent us home with a pair of brand new slippers, some pirouette cookies (which we scarfed down on the way home), two new DVDs that my sister got in a packaged deal, and a dozen farm fresh eggs. My family is my greatest blessing.


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