Frugal February

Frugal February Week 2 Update

Grocery spending:

Week 1: $107

Week 2: $111

Grocery money left: $82

Other spending:

$0 (yay)

$81 left for the rest of the month


Thrifty things:

-We stayed home a lot this week so I had five no spend days (which is a rarity for me)

-My wonderful mother-in-law dropped off Valentine’s Day candy for the kids and gave them some money to buy treats with this week. They chose to get a Little Caesar’s pizza and Sonic drinks to enjoy on a particularly boring day. I think they have a few dollars left so I predict that they will get more Sonic drinks this upcoming week:)

-My son decided to decorate a white paper bag with hand-drawn emojis (really cute) to use as his Valentine box. He also gave out Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cards that we found at the Dollar Tree last week and some suckers to his homeschool co-op classmates.

-I picked up a variety of candies and a box of Little Debbies to make my kids goody bags for Valentine’s day. **We of course had a treasure hunt complete with clues to find the presents because we do that every year:)

-My kids went to visit my parents for the evening on Valentine’s Day, so I made a meal at home for my husband. We had steak, stuffed mushrooms, sweet potatoes, and a low carb brownie mug cake to enjoy together.

-We got together with my sisters and parents to celebrate the Chinese New Year (a little late), so we made a lot of sushi and a variety of Chinese foods to enjoy together.


So far this has been the easiest Frugal February yet. I know that it is mostly due to staying home so much this year and that we are just not tempted to buy things we do not need. Also giving my children a small allowance has also helped to control my spending because now they use what money they have for all of the extra things they want. My goal for next week is to make a bare bones grocery list for the rest of the month and avoid going to the thrift store (so hard).

**We will be taking my husband’s parents out this week for dinner to celebrate my daughter’s Confirmation, but since I consider this as a gift to my daughter it will not mess up my Frugal February budget (Occasional extravagances make them even more special!)

How is your month going??


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