Weekly Goal Update for Week 7

1. Walk at least 500 miles this year (70 miles down and 430 to go)

I walked eleven miles this week. I took three hour long exercise classes (estimated 3 miles each) and swam for 35 minutes (anything over 35 minutes counts as 2 miles in my book) with my kids. It has been wet and misty for most of the week, so I am starting to miss walking outside:(

2. Read two nonfiction or classic books each month (Two in progress)

Sacred Space: The Prayer Book 2019The Count of Monte Cristo: Abridged Edition (Dover Books on Literature & Drama)

I am reading The Count of Monte Cristo and Sacred Space simultaneously this month. I found Sacred Space at my library’s used book room and picked it up on a whim. It is filled with lots of great devotions/musings written by the Irish Jesuits and includes daily scripture readings as well.

3. Buy nothing new this year

I have not bought anything new yet this year, but I am sorely tempted to buy new kitchen chairs as ours are slowly falling apart. Since my birthday is coming up next month (and we should be getting a nice tax return soon) this could be the thing that will break my spending fast…we will see.

4. Have two family game nights each month

One down and one to go

5. Take each child on an outing by themselves

I think that both kids have finally picked out what they would like to do and hopefully we get to do these outings this week…(if no one else falls sick)

6. Learn to knit and crochet

Not yet

7. Edit and publish my NaNoWriMo book

No progress this week….it is way easier to write a book than it is to edit it…

8. Complete one home improvement project each month

I have been busy doing a lot of decluttering and cleaning this week, but will hopefully do (or at least pick out) a home improvement in the next week or so.

9. Try out two new low carb recipes each month

Up close look at the crunchy goodness:)

I tried out a really simple low carb granola recipe that turned out great (I hope to write it up and share it on the blog this week)

10. Keep grocery spending to under $500 each month

**This month I am doing a Frugal February Challenge so my grocery budget it just $300

Grocery spending this month:

Week 1: $107

Week 2: $111

Money left: $82!

I plan on trying to hold out on grocery shopping until Thursday or Friday this week, in hopes that I will be able to stretch out my groceries to make it until February ends next Thursday. **The last week is always the hardest!!


How are your goals going this year??


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