Frugal February

Frugal February Week 1 Update

We had the flu at our house this week, so that meant we stayed home a lot (which is always nice for the budget) Here is the breakdown for my spending this week:


Aldi $83

Dollar General: $2 (on powdered donuts to cheer up my sick son)

Walmart: $22

Total: $107 ($193 left for the month…yikes!)


Other spending:

Zaxby’s : $5

Sonic: $7

Thrift Store: $4 **My son found a Jurassic Park shirt that made him smile (this was before we found out he had the flu) and I picked up a small sugar bowl for my daughter to use for her morning coffee

Used books: $3 (Our library was having a 50% off sale on all the books in their used book room, so I found a few that I wanted to add to my personal library for 50 cents each)

Total: $19 ($81 left for the month)

**We usually do not eat out very often, but if a child is ill and we are in town after a doctor’s appointment that is the one thing that tends to cheer them up:)


Thrifty things 

-My sister had a good amount of ground beef in her freezer from a cow that was processed last year and since my dad is planning on sending another cow to the butcher shop soon, she offered me 15lbs of meat to help make way for fresher meat. I was more than happy to help her out:)

-My son picked out some Valentine cards for his co-op classes at the Dollar Tree this week. He also plans on adding a Dum-Dum sucker to each card from our never-ending Halloween stash to make a fun, cheap treat for his friends

-Rescued some over ripe bananas and made them into banana bread….yum…

-Used our pre-tax company-supplied HSA funds to pay for my son’s doctor visit and prescription medicines


How is your Frugal February going??




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