Frugal Accomplishments

Frugal Things

1. Credit card reward points

This month, I earned $24 in reward points from my credit card. I am choosing to let them accumulate over the year and spend them when we go on vacation in the Fall or use them to pay for Christmas again (It was very nice to have a 100% pre-paid Christmas last year!)

2. Freebies

A great way to save money each month is to be a moocher:) This week, I borrowed a kettlebell from my sister instead of buying one for $20 (Thanks Angela!) My mom also was cleaning out her closets and gave us a huge bag of office supplies that she no longer wanted.**I added them to my already overflowing school supplies shelves and we are good for at least 5 more years…

3. Filed my taxes online (super early I know!)

My husband got his W-2s extremely early this year, so I decided to be proactive did my taxes this past weekend. We are getting a really great return from Federal this year, so we plan to do a lot of home improvements that we have neglected over the past few years. **This is frugal because we are improving our home’s worth by investing the money back into our property

FYI: The tax forms are very different this year!!! So do not freak out if you do your own taxes like I did…they actually are more streamlined this way, I promise:)

4. Kroger Fuel Points

I used 20 cents in fuel points this week to reduce my gas bill (I think it reduced my gas to $1.59/gallon) and I still have 30 cents left to use before the end of the month!

*I cannot figure out if it is smarter to use them up all at once or split them into two?? Any thoughts?

5. Library books

I remembered to return my library books before they were overdue and we picked up a lot of new books to keep us entertained for the next few weeks. (I love the library)


What did you do to save money (or make money) this week??

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