DIY Christmas

While I do buy many Christmas gifts for my children, there is always something special about putting in the time and effort to make something for someone you love and getting to see their enjoyment of that special gift on Christmas morning.

Here are a few of the things that I made for my children this year:

1. A Star Wars quilt


Ben is extremely into Star Wars right now, so I thought it would be fun to make him a quilt for Christmas. This was not a secret gift, so he actually got to watch me sew it together. He kept on telling me, “Thank you for making this for me!!”.

**I found all of these prints on clearance at Walmart on Black Friday so this quilt only cost me around $20 to make. I found a flannel sheet at the thrift store to use as the middle layer and bound it using a spool of ribbon (I forgot how much quilt binding was!! I think it was going to be almost $20 to buy the premade binding, so I found a spool of ribbon that worked out perfectly AND it only cost $3 for 10 yards so I happily scooped that up)

2. Harry Potter Flower Pot


Ben is also into Harry Potter right now, so I found this cute pin on Pinterest and knew he would love it. My favorite house plant is a Pothos because they will survive almost anything, so I took a few cuttings from my plants and grew Ben a whole new one of his own. He really loves that he got a “baby plant” to grow in his room, so I am sure he will love this gift:)

3. A Ravenclaw Pencil Holder


My daughter has always said that she would be in Ravenclaw if she went to Hogwarts, so I found a cute pin on Pinterest on how to turn a ceramic pot into a Harry Potter pencil holder. All you need is a pot, acrylic paint, a print out of a Hogwarts’ house crest, lots of Mod Podge and presto, you have a really cute gift for a Potterhead:)

4. Door hanger

letter e

My daughter has her room decorated in gray and teal, so I thought she might enjoy a door hanger made by her loving mother for Christmas this year:) I found lots a cute ideas on Pinterest, but this one definitely caught my eye. This was the easiest thing I made this year, but did entail lots of yarn and wrapping in strategic ways to get everything even.

**I think that my children enjoy what I come up with to make them each year, but even if they don’t….at least I have fun making them!

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