Weekly Goal Update for Week 49

1. Walk at least 500 miles this year (470 down and 30 to go)

I have been enjoying the gym more this week (I guess it takes getting used to) I also used the elliptical for the first time in ten years and apparently it uses different muscles than walking does because I am so sore!!

2. Read two nonfiction books each month

I did not get around to going to the library last week, so I hope to pick up a few new books this week and knock out this goal for the month early.

3. Eat low carb every day

I did this for 5 days this week…I have no good excuse for this lapse:(

4. Have two date nights each month

We had an at home date night this week. We did some planning for an upcoming trip, filed some legal paperwork, and enjoyed each other’s company for a few hours while our kids played games at their aunt’s house.

5. Have two family game nights each month

One down and one to go

6. Add six new products to my Teachers pay Teachers store (4 down and 2 to go)

Still typing away…

7. Buy nothing new this year Suspended

I decided to suspend this challenge until January due to the Christmas season. **But I am excited about starting it up again next year because I think it helped me to reign in my spending and lower the amount of clutter in my house.

8. Have one no spend week each month

Not yet. I think I might try to do this last no spend week of the year during the week of Christmas because I should be finished shopping by then…hopefully!!

9. $5 Weekly Challenge

I bought rice and beans this week to add to my food bank stash.



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