Weekly Goal Update for Week 47

1. Walk at least 500 miles this year (450 down and 50 to go)

I might have been technically trespassing, but I got to walk on a real track this week (aka nice and bouncy) so that was really easy on my knees.

**We have a new high school near our house and they have a new competition level track. I decided to see if it was opened to the public on Sunday and since there were no signs and all the gates were open, I took that as a yes:)

2. Read two nonfiction books each month Accomplished

The Cloister WalkOn Writing: 10th Anniversary Edition: A Memoir of the Craft

This month I read On Writing and The Cloister Walk.

3. Eat low carb each day

I did this for five days this week….it was Thanksgiving after all!

4. Have two family game nights each month Accomplished

5. Have two date nights each month (One down and one to go)

This weekend we tried out Rock n’ Roll Sushi in Auburn, Al. We really enjoyed it! Matt had the Motley Crew roll, which was deep fried, but apparently delicious. I had the New York Bagel roll and the Spicy Tuna roll…delicious!

6. Buy nothing new this year

Marking this as accomplished a little early this year…drat you Christmas shopping:)

7. Have one no spend week each month

I am currently in my no spend week. *It will only last for five days, but that is close to a week, right??

8. Add six new products to my Teachers pay Teachers store (four completed)

I did not get any work done on the study guide this week, due to travel and working on my NaNoWriMo challenge, but hopefully this week will be less crazy.

9. $5 Weekly Challenge

Food haul for November

This week, I picked up canned vegetables and a 5-pack of macaroni and cheese to add to my food bank stash for the month.



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