Weekly Goal Update for Week 45


1. Walk at least 500 miles this year (433 miles down and 67 to go)

Most of my miles took place indoors thanks to the wet/cold weather we have been having lately.

2. Read two nonfiction books each month

The Cloister Walk

This week, I am reading The Cloistered Walk by Kathleen Norris. It is about a Protestant woman who chooses to reside at a Benedictine Abbey for a period of time, in order to experience the monastic life as a non-Catholic. She finds that the communal living, rigid prayer schedule, and beautiful chants help to re-center her life. I especially like how each chapter coordinates to the church’s liturgical calendar and that the author centers many of her stories around various Saint feast days.

**I have only made it halfway in the book so far, but my only criticisms are of the random curse words that pop up (infrequently) during some of her personal stories. They kind of stick out like sore thumbs because the rest of the book is very religious. I guess she is trying to make some kind of statement???

3. Eat low carb each day

I did this for all 7 days

4. Have two date nights each month

Not yet

5. Have two family game nights each month (one down and one to go)


We had one this week to celebrate my son’s 7th birthday. He chose to play Apples to Apples and Cadoo.

6. Add six new products to my Teachers pay Teachers store (4 out of 6 completed)

I am almost done with my study guide for Flying Creatures of the 5th day.

7. Try to buy nothing new this year Accomplished

I decided to mark this one off a little early this year. Between my son’s birthday (his love language is gifts) and Christmas gift season upon us I do not feel that I will be able to carry this challenge through December 31. But hey, I did very well buying only used items for 10 1/2 months (except a few odd and ends), so that is something!

**Side note: It is really hard to return to my normal shopping habits! I went to Kohl’s yesterday and had to tell myself it was ok to buy a pair of new jeans:)

8. Have one no spend week each month

Not yet

9. $5 Weekly Challenge

This week I bought five boxes of Pop Tarts to donate to the food bank since Kroger had them on sale for $.99 each.

**I know that they are not extremely healthy, but I figure that since they are tasty and do not have to be cooked, they could be appreciated by someone without access to a stove/microwave.

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