Frugal Accomplishments

Five Frugal Things

1. Amateur chimney sweeps

Image result for chimney sweepWith temperatures forecasted to quickly drop next week, my husband decided to clean out our woodstove’s chimney. While it was a very messy job, having a shop-vac made it relatively quick and easy. So now we are all set to have toasty fires on cold mornings. **I must admit that I was humming “Chim, chimney, chim, chimney, chim, chim, cha-ree” while completing this task:)

2. Kroger deals


Kroger had a lot of great deals this past week. I stocked up on cereal, chips, butter, brownie mix, and bacon. I also received $10 off thanks to a online coupon deal Kroger was running this week.

3. Love, love, love the library!

This week I picked up a few books to read for my non-fiction challenge, as well as a few books that we will be using for homeschool in the upcoming weeks. **Of course this in addition to all of the “just for fun books” we usually pick up:)

4. Zero food waste

My husband has been traveling for the last few weeks, so while he was gone, I pared down my menu quite a bit. This meant that I made 2-3 meals a week for dinner and ate leftovers and whatnot for the rest of the time. Our garbage and our food bill was cut in half and no food was wasted (which is always great!)

5. Target


Our local Target is trying to quickly get rid of all their leftover Halloween merchandise to make room for incoming Christmas items. This meant that on Sunday they marked down all Halloween items to 70% off. While I did not buy a lot (we already have way too much candy!) I did pick up a 40ct box of pre-packaged pretzels for $1.50 and my son found a Star Wars blaster marked down to $4.50 (he used his allowance money, so I really had no say in his choice, but he seemed happy with his purchase)

**I could not help thinking that this marked down candy would be a great purchase if you were having a float in an upcoming Veteran’s Day or Christmas parade. Huge bags of chocolate candy (or what we call the good stuff) were going for only $3-4 a bag!


What did you do to save money??

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