Frugal Accomplishments

Five Frugal Things

1. Walmart finds

sushi rice
The rice rang up for $1.50!

This week I found a few great deals on Walmart’s clearance aisle.  I picked up two boxes of granola bars for $2 each and two bags of sushi rice for $1.50 each. **The sushi rice was an especially great deal for around here, considering Publix sells a small container for $7!

2. Made my own curriculum

We are starting our second 8 week section of homeschool this week, so that means that I have been writing out assignments, questions, and tests for the past few weeks in preparation.  Considering that this saves me hundreds of dollars a year, I try not to complain too much:)

3. Packed snacks and drinks

We had a church picnic this weekend and decided to bypass all the delicious food trucks, by bringing our own food and drinks.  **I did buy the kids a snow cone so they did not feel too deprived.

4. Coupon

Our Honda dealership sent us two separate coupons in the mail over the past month for future services.  I did not know which one would work out the best for the types of service we needed, so I sent both with my husband.  Apparently they let him use both coupons since we technically had two services done and saved $90.

5. Free online classes

My daughter is taking Spanish and Sign language as foreign languages this year for high school credit, so we have been searching for ways to supplement her textbooks.  We have been using Duolingo for Spanish practice this year and that has been working out very well, but we needed an option for sign language as well.   Luckily my daughter’s sign language teacher recommended a site called ASL University that offers free sign language lessons that my daughter can use to supplement her textbook and co-op classes.  **I am always happy to tell people that it does not have to cost a fortune to have a well rounded homeschool education…especially if you put in a little time and effort:)

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