Frugal Accomplishments

Five Frugal Things

1. Book It Program

book it

We received our Book It package in the mail this week and my son is now very excited to start earning pizzas by simply reading books this school year…who doesn’t love pizza??

2. Packed snacks and lunches

I think packing snacks and lunches to take while we run errands or go to the park, has to be the biggest money saver in our household.  Our favorite snacks to eat on the go are string cheese, nuts, chips, and granola bars.  **Also, I have noticed that if I have a snack and a cold drink waiting in the car, my son tends to fuss less when its time to leave somewhere fun.  Please tell me your kids have thrown fits when its time to leave the park too!!

3. Kellogg Free Book Program

kellogg cereal

I noticed on a box of cereal that the Kellogg’s company is giving away a free book for each box of cereal sold.  The customer can either choose to donate the book or keep it for their child.  Since we are book lovers in my house, I am planning on giving these five new books as Christmas gifts this year. **To sweeten this deal, each box of cereal was only $.99 at Kroger this week.

4. Decluttering = $$

My husband has been decluttering this week and decided to sell off a lot of his beer making equipment.  Luckily, there is a huge beer making community in North Alabama, so everything is selling rather quickly. **As a bonus, he has also met a lot of beer making enthusiasts, who have promised to send him some samples as a thank you.

5.  E-coupons

I made sure to download numerous e-coupons onto my Kroger card before I left for the store this week (I usually forget half the time!)  This alone helped me to save almost $10 on my grocery bill.


What did you do to save (or make) money this week??

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