Blessings This Week

1. A Family of Faith Program

family of faith

I mentioned a few weeks ago that our church was trying a new Sunday School program this year called A Family of Faith.  We had our first parent’s meeting this week and were blessed to have five nuns come to kick it off (They were in full habits and everything, so that is something we do not see very often)  One of the nuns shared that her family’s religious traditions at home greatly inspired her to choose her vocation early in life and also led her brother to enter the priesthood after he graduated from college.  It is very unusual to have a nun and a priest in one family, so that was really inspiring to hear.  One of the ways families are encouraged to grow their faith at home is to have the children join in praying the rosary.  I felt that we could incorporate this into our homeschool day very easily and so far it has been going very well. **Of course Ben gets to color as we pray the rosary, but he joins in with the Hail Marys, so I am sure he is listening as well.

2. Cool Weather

While it will not last, we have had two very nice fall-ish days lately.  We turned off the air conditioning (that has been running since May!) and opened the windows to enjoy the nice cool breeze.  As Ben says, “You can just smell Fall in the air”.

3. Acting Class and Co-op

For the last few years, my daughter has attended an acting class at a local church that teaches improv and audition skills.  The best thing about the class is that it has inspired her to do community theater(which she loves!) and encourages public speaking (which we all need).  This year, she talked my son into trying it out and he loves it!  This was a great blessing for me, because I have worried about finding him an extracurricular activity that he would enjoy and have the right temperament for.  So I guess I have two little actors in the making:)

Our homeschool co-op also has started back up again for the school year, so my children were very excited to see all of their friends.  I am so thankful for these co-op classes because they are usually taught by very qualified individuals like local authors, former teachers, or other great homeschooling veterans.

**In case you are interested to know what kind of classes are usually offered at homeschool co-ops, here are the classes my kids are in:  My daughter(14 years old) will be taking Writing from Research, Drama, and Sign language.  My son(6 years old) will be taking Building with Legos, Hands on Science, and Mixed Media Art.  I usually require them to take one educational class (which they call the boring one!) and two fun electives.


How were you blessed this week??



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