Frugal Accomplishments

Five Frugal Things

1. Used science to create a new plant


We have been learning about plants in my son’s science class for the past few weeks and when I stumbled across how to turn cuttings into new plants with only water and a jar, I knew that we had to try it out. **This is a Pothos plant and it is the easiest, most resilient plant out there, so if you have a black thumb, this is the plant for you.  Proof:  I forget to water it half the time and it still produces beautiful foliage year round, with no shedding!  This plant will go into my son’s room after it fully roots because he has been wanting one for ages and this one can grow alongside him.

2. Fun impulse buy = loads of laughs


We were killing time in Target when we came across this adorable costume for our dog Sadie in the Dollar aisle for just $3.  We knew we had to have it when my son mentioned that it looked just like the costume from one of his favorite children’s books, The Hallo-wiener by Dav Pilkey.  Our dog also happens to have a little Dachshund in her, so it made it all the more hilarious. **If you have not read this book to your kids, you are missing out!  Its an adorable story of a Dachshund who is forced to wear a hotdog costume for Halloween and endures a lot of teasing for it.  Luckily, the costume helps him and his friends out of a sticky situation later in the night, so there is a happy ending after all.

3. Dollar store prizes

I grabbed a great selection of Dollar Tree toys to add to my son’s homeschool reward box, for you guessed it, just $1 each.  Our biggest score this week was finding all four of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on keychains.  My son was especially excited about these because he said that all of the cool kids had key chains on their backpacks…..I do not know where he got this information from, but at least he was happy:)

4. Car wash

We decided to wash our car at home last week and saved $6.  While it was a little messy and hot, the kids had a blast and my car is no longer covered in sap, so that was a frugal win.

5. Free homeschool resources

We are going to read Frankenstein next in Literature, so I was happy to find two free study guides online that I can adapt for us to use, instead of buying a new Progeny Press study guide for $20.  A little bit of work = a lot of savings:)


What did you do to save money last week??





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