Frugal Accomplishments

Five Frugal Things

1. Received a $2 Kroger catalina

Every once in awhile Kroger will offer catalinas which are basically coupon “money” good for future purchases.  This month they are offering $2 off a future purchase for every $10 you spend on Kroger brand breakfast items.  Since I buy a lot of oats and cereals for the food bank, I should get quite a few of these over the next month:)

2. Thrift store finds

This week we found a shirt for my daughter for $2 and a study guide for the entire Chronicles of Narnia book series for just $3.  **The thrift store is one of the many resources that we utilize to find quality homeschool materials each year.

3. Huge box=free entertainment

We had a large item shipped to us this week and of course my son claimed the box for his personal use. By personal use, I mean a pretend store, bear cave, superhero hangout, etc.  Hours of free entertainment:)

4. Perks of a Private Library

My son is getting into the fun age of where reading is more than something he has to do for school, so he has been enjoying books that my daughter had bought when she was his age 7 years ago.  This is frugal because we do not have to buy the same book twice (which has happened to me before) and its a blessing because if my son has run out of library books to read, he has a nicely stocked private library to choose from.

5. Rocket Languages

My daughter is taking Spanish as one of her high school classes and while we have a good textbook, the pronunciations are sometimes hard to teach.  Luckily, our local library offers Rocket Languages to all of its patrons to use for free.  This has really helped her to learn the correct way to pronounce all of the new words she has learned so far.  **It is a little more structured than Duolingo, which is another free language site, so it is another nice option to have.


What have you done to save money??

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