Weekly Goal Update for Week 31

1. Walk at least 500 miles this year (297 down and 203 to go)

I am very happy to be almost at the 300 mile mark because my miles to go will be in the 100s! I walked half of my 10 miles outside this week and the other half was split between workout videos and a 1-1/2 hour long cleaning session at church:)

2. Eat less than 40 net carbs each day

I did this for all 7 days. I hope to write a blog post listing all of the meals in my low carb repertoire soon so stay tuned.

3. Read two non-fiction books each month

What Angels Fear: A Sebastian St. Cyr Mystery, Book 1

So far I have not read any non-fiction books, so I better get hopping.  I have been drawn into a new mystery series written by C.S. Harris set in the French Revolution Era about a Viscount sleuth named Sebastian St. Cyr.  I really love historical mysteries with a hint of romance so this checked all of my boxes. **Bonus: There are 13 books in this series, so I have plenty of reading options for the next few weeks at least.

4. Have two date nights each month

Not yet.

5. Have two family game nights each month

Not yet.

6. Add six new products to my Teachers pay Teachers store this year (4 out 6 added)

I decided to edit this goal to one that is more manageable, so I dropped the 12 new products down to 6 and now have one less thing to stress about:)

7. Try to buy nothing new this year

Nothing new was bought this week

8. Have one no spend week each month Accomplished

I am currently finishing up my no spend week for this month, so I am checking this one off a little early.

9. $5 weekly challenge


I added pancake mix and syrup to my food bank stash this week

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