Frugal Accomplishments

Five Frugal Things

1. Freebies

I received a coupon for a free Venus razor in the mail (I get these once a year for some reason??) and I also was gifted two coupons for a free pork sandwich at a local barbecue place.  **My frugal hack for the sandwich is to turn it into a complete meal by adding it onto a baked potato at home and loading it full of cheese and sour cream:) Emma loves it!

2. Homeschool prizes

My son sometimes gets the wiggles when we are doing homeschool, so I remind him that if he doesn’t complain or wiggle too much, he gets to draw from a prize bag at the end of the week.  I try to pick up cheap little toys as I find them, so this week I noticed Kroger had Imaginext blind bags on clearance for $.90 so I scooped up five to add to my stash.

3. Mish-mash meals

My husband has been on a business trip for the past week, so I have not cooked more than two dinners all week (soooo nice!)  This is frugal because it helps us eat up leftovers and random items that we are finding in the pantry/freezer.  It also saves time and energy for me:)

4. Kroger deals

I found good deals on macaroni and cheese, Beanitos, gluten-free pizzas, and cheese this week at Kroger.  I also am trying out the Kroger brand trash bags to see if they will be sturdy enough for our family.  **I have always bought Glad trash bags just to be safe, but I am willing to branch out now and will save $4 a box in the process.

5. Credit card reward points

I earned $18 in credit card reward points this past month and paid zero dollars in interest, so technically they are paying me to use their card:)

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