Aldi Challenge

Aldi Challenge Week 4

**This month I am challenging myself to shop primarily at Aldi, in order to see if it can help reign in my ever-expanding monthly grocery budget.  The rules are that I can only spend $300 at Aldi for the month of July and $50 at other stores (Aldi does not carry everything I need, so allowances have to be made!)

aldi week 4

Low carb bars $4.99

Popcorn $1.69

Broccoli $1.19

Sugar $1.39

Cheese $1.69

Cherries $1.49/lb

Celery $1.29

Bananas $.30

3lb of sweet potatoes $1.69

Carrots $.99

Mushrooms $1.29

Ice cream $1.95

Pasta sauce $.99

Grape juice $2.39

Spinach $1.19

Romaine lettuce $1.99

Peaches $2.58

Bread $1.79

String Cheese $2.49

Mozzarella $2.49

Ham $2.39

Cooking spray $1.49

Avocado $.69

Totals this week:  $62 at Aldi and $45 at Kroger/Publix/Walmart (not pictured above) 

Totals for the month: $359 ($141 less than I normally spend)

Weekly average for July: $89 

Aldi Challenge Recap:  

While I did spend $9 more than I challenged myself to this month, I still averaged only $89 spent per week on groceries, which is $36 less per week than I usually spend.  Taking all of this into consideration, I feel that shopping at Aldi did help to reign in my monthly grocery budget substantially.

That being said, it was a little challenging to limit my shopping at other stores to $50 for the month. I have decided that next month, I will lift this limit and simply shop Aldi first before I go to any other stores.  Hopefully this will keep my spending low and relieve the headache of balancing what items I can buy from other stores.











One thought on “Aldi Challenge Week 4

  1. It sounds like a great plan to just shop at Aldi first, then go to other stores, as needed.

    My month goes from mid-month to the next mid-month, based on how I’m paid. So, I’m only half-way through my grocery month, but am very pleased with how low I’ve been able to keep the budget so far. Because the garden is producing so heavily right now, I was able to buy around 20 lbs of 79c/pound bone-in chicken breast and can it, along with a lot of broth I made from the bones. I also spent quite a bit of time canning and preserving other foods. For me, it’s stock-up time for my pantry as things are ripe, ready and free right now.

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