Frugal Accomplishments

Five Frugal Things

1. Blueberries

Aldi had a great deal on blueberries, $1.79 per pint, so I picked up five to add to my freezer stash. **These low carb blueberry pancakes are delicious!

2. Thrift Store Finds

This week everything I found was for Ben. He picked out a new pair of swim trunks for $3 and four new, collared shirts for $2 each.

3. Group Swim Class

Our local community pool offers swim classes year round, so I decided to sign up my six year old because he is resistant to me teaching him (surprise, surprise).  They have the option of private classes ($20 each) or group classes ($7 each)…..I chose the group class:)

4. Beef

Dividing 100 lbs of meat into totes, makes it so much easier to find things in a chest freezer.

My father recently had a cow butchered (which he so nicely shares with his daughters), my quarter weighed in at 100 pounds.  At just $2.50/lb (steaks, roasts, and hamburger meat included) I should be good on beef for awhile.

5. Quick Fix

The bottom tray of my gas grill has started to develop holes, but instead of tracking down a replacement part, I simply lined it with aluminum foil and it is as good as new.

What did you do to save money this week?

2 thoughts on “Five Frugal Things

  1. I love getting 1/4 beef. We used to get 1/2, but have realized that we certainly don’t need that much anymore!! (Count the children that eat here now-days–that was my first clue. The second was the ever-growing pile of meat left over when the next allotment was on it’s way…).

    The last 2 times, we have received brisket. We never did before. So, we have 2 of them to figure out what to do with. Right now, Rob has them marinating in a rub he made. He is going to attempt jerky with one of them, and a 10-12 hour BBQ marathon with the other. Hopefully it turns out, as it will be family Sunday dinner this week!

    I was able to cook 2 turkey legs that had been lingering in the freezer yesterday. They turned out great. Right now, I have a roast in the crock pot. I’m trying to work on using things in the freezer and garden, cook ahead, and also am sharing little tiny portions with my aunt since she had surgery. Of course, I kindly shared zucchini with her. And my sister. And anyone else who will take them. I’m so nice that I ignore the screaming as I drop them off, or the helpless holding up of a bag still full from last time I came….I picked 8 more this morning. That’s after picking 9 yesterday. I have picked over 30 this week alone. I was ruthless this morning, and picked them very small, so I will have a few days off:). From picking. The fridge is still stuffed full of them.

    I used all the ones from this morning in a dilly zucchini pickle recipe I found. I hope it’s good. Since I have both green and yellow, they look really marvelous in the jars. I’m thinking Christmas…..people might be ready for more by then:)


  2. I am the recipient of zucchinis, cucumbers, and tomatoes from my father each week and love it. While it is really nice to get fresh produce often (and for free) I can imagine how overwhelming it is to have it stacking up on your counters! We have a guinea pig so I always give the veggies that are about to get thrown out to him which helps to diminish my guilt a bit.


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