Aldi Challenge

Aldi Challenge Week 1

**This month I am challenging myself to shop primarily at Aldi, in order to see if it can help reign in my ever-expanding monthly grocery budget.  The rules are that I can only spend $300 at Aldi for the month of July and $50 at other stores (Aldi does not carry everything I need, so allowances have to be made!)

aldi week 1

One of the reasons I love Aldi is that while they do have great sales each week, they also have the best everyday prices on almost every item in their store (even compared to Walmart and Kroger!) **I also love the quality of their meat, especially the chicken. I have never bought a rubbery chicken breast at Aldi (which is saying something)

Hot Italian Links $2.49

Chicken Tenderloin $4.33

Portabella Mushrooms $1.99 (great price)

Mozzarella cheese (16oz) $2.49 (great price)

Colby Jack cheese $1.99

Pasta sauce $.99 (great price)

Parmesan Cheese $2.29

3 pack of Zucchini $.99

bag of onions $1.69

Ice cream cones $1.29

Low carb bars $3.99 (a splurge but these are $2 cheaper than the Atkins equivalent)

salsa $1.19

oats $2.39

Crystal lite $1.89

Deluxe Cheese slices $2.79

Penguin crackers $1.49

Total spent: $43.88 ($256.12 left for the month)

kroger week 1

These are the items that I bought at Kroger this week:

Doritos $1.99

Romaine lettuce $.99 (They sell these by the head, so I choose the largest one and still only pay $.99! They are huge)

Celery $.89

Carrots $.99

Kool-Aid  $.15 (We use these to make popsicles, which are cheaper and taste better than store bought ones. I think one packet makes 18 popsicles.)

Bananas $.60

Butter $1.99 (stock up price)

Almond flour $7.99 (ouch)

Total spent: $30 (I threw away my receipt, but remembered the dollar amount)

**This week is not what a normal shopping trip looks like for me usually.  I am currently cleaning out my chest freezer in expectation of a 1/4 beef coming this week and trying to eat down my over full pantry (which I know is a blessing) so it is a kind of skewed take on an average shopping trip. I am sure my weekly grocery spending will begin to creep up again soon, but for now I will enjoy the savings!




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