Blessings This Week

1. Lots of quiet time

My children have been visiting their grandparents for the past week (and while I do miss them) it is so nice to get projects done and spend lots of quality time alone with my husband.  I have mostly been decluttering and finishing up our homeschool preparation for the upcoming year this week, so that is a weight off of my shoulders, in more ways than one.  **Isn’t it amazing that when the children are gone the house does not get messy within 10 minutes of picking it up??? Love you Emma and Ben!

2. Flies, Flies, Flies

We have been swarmed with flies lately in our home.  While we do have the occasional fly problem, this one has been in almost biblical plague proportions (I might be exaggerating a little)  However, I noticed that we had a ton of flies around our grill outside yesterday…well lo and behold…those little devils have been laying their eggs in the drippings….soooo disgusting! Every time we opened the door to let our dog out, they must have been coming in.  My husband helped me to clean out the pan and we spread salt around to hopefully kill off any residual eggs. Yuck! So hopefully that fixed the issue and it will be a blessing to me in the coming week:)

3. Blueberries

Did I mention that my blueberries are finally ripening?? Well they are.  I love blueberry season and having a bush in my very own yard is a wonderful blessing to me and my family.  **We are blessed also to have a lot of busy bees that love to pollinate our bush each year

2 thoughts on “Blessings This Week

  1. That is so gross about the fly eggs! I’m glad you got them taken care of, and hopefully, the issue will be resolved!

    I’m hoping to get some projects done this week, as well, as my nephew and niece are away on vacation, and I am not working with them until next Wednesday. I get very little done, except them, when they are here, but that’s why it’s called work, right? Since my youngest is 14, having her here is not the same at all–and I expect to get a few organizing things done. So far, I have processed about 40-50 lbs of cherries and worked in the garden a bit. So many more projects on my list……..


  2. My oldest is 14 and my youngest is 6, so I can agree that teenagers are a lot less work. You are way more productive than I am when my kids leave. I usually lay about on the couch for the first day (my kids are with me all of the time since we homeschool, so it is very strange when they are gone and I feel a bit lost) and then I manage to find a ton of things to do the rest of the time (Oh…and enjoy the peace and quiet) 🙂


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