Aldi Challenge

Aldi Challenge

My grocery bill has been creeping up again (probably due to all of the great summer sales on food) so I thought I might try to take the Aldi Challenge and see if it helps to reign in my grocery budget a bit.  Why Aldi?  Well, every time I shop at Aldi, I am amazed at how much I save and tell myself I need to shop there more often…but I don’t!  The primary reason I tend to shop elsewhere, is that Aldi does not carry about five items that I buy on a regular basis.  **I know I can just run into different stores during the week, but I tend to buy more the more I shop, so I tend to stick to Kroger as my default grocery store.

This month, I am giving myself a budget of $300 to spend at Aldi and $50 to spend elsewhere, because as much as I might wish it, Aldi just does not have everything I need.  (This is a pretty tight budget for me because I tend to spend around $125 a week on groceries for my family)

*I will also be posting everything that I buy grocery-wise this month, in hopes of keeping myself honest, so stay tuned!

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