Frugal Accomplishments

Five Frugal Things

1. Going out of business sale!

imageOur local Rite-aid stores are closing next week, so they had a 70% off sale on their entire inventory.  (While I did have to wait in line for 45 minutes!!!!) I did get amazing deals on fish oil, vitamins, coffee, and our favorite brand of shampoo.  **I should have taken a picture of some of the other ladies’ carts, they really racked up the deals that day.

2. Summer reading program

Our local library always does a great job when it comes to their summer reading program.  Over the past couple of weeks, we have attended an animal show and a cowboy roping/singing/history event that was highly entertaining….and air conditioned!

3. Dollar Tree

My son hates having his food touch other items on his plate, so to keep everyone happy I serve his meals on divided trays.  Well he is getting to be a big boy now (7!!!) and his toddler-sized plates just do not cut it anymore.  Luckily I found some big boy friendly trays at the Dollar Tree that have been making dinnertime much easier lately:)

4. Thrift store

This week, my best find was a new lamp shade ($1) for a standing lamp that has been broken for over a year.  The store was also running a sale on their books (any five books for just $1) so I picked up a Spanish-English dictionary, a children’s bible(in great condition), and three other books that looked to be worth a twenty cent gamble.

5.  Kroger deals

This week at Kroger, I bought five bags of shredded cheese for $.99 each, Doritos for $1.88, and received a loaf of bread for free….I love Kroger!

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