Frugal Accomplishments

Five Frugal Things

1. Made birthday “cake” at home

My daughter had a birthday this past week and we decided to forego the traditional cake and made Carmelitas (think oatmeal cookies stuffed with caramel and chocolate) and brownies instead.  **Considering she usually asks for a Great American Cookie cake, I count this as frugal:)

2. Birthday gifts

I usually make it a point to not go too crazy on birthday gifts (mostly because I have a large extended family and my children usually get way more presents than they really need)  This year my daughter asked for a few books that she had been wanting, “good” brown hair ties (she has insanely thick hair), Ranch flavored sunflower seeds, two huge boxes of her favorite gum, and a meal out with her best friend.

3. Kroger deals

Our Kroger had amazing deals on condiments this week.  I picked up five bottles of Heinz ketchup and five containers of Kraft mayo for $.99 each.

4. Pool passes

We enjoyed using our discount season passes to a local water park this past week twice.  **Each year they go on sale for half off in March, so this provides us with a nice weekly outing each week in the hot Alabama summer.

5. Zero food waste

Any week that I can boast that no food was wasted, is a good week in my books!


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