Frugal Accomplishments

Five Frugal Things

1. Sold my husband’s truck

This was a nice surprise for us because we had not officially listed the truck for sale yet.  Luckily, a local landscaper saw it parked by the road at my parent’s house and asked if it was for sale.  Of course, we quickly said yes and sold it within 2 weeks for exactly how much we paid for it two years ago. So no money was lost and we all walked away pleased.

2. Kroger deals

Kroger had a lot of things on sale this week, so I stocked up on bacon, chicken thighs, chips, and shredded cheese for really great prices.

3. Rabies shot

Our local veterinarians offer discount rabies vaccines once a year for $12, so we made sure to take our beloved Sadie (at 6am!) to keep her up to date on her shots. **Apparently this year they had all of the dogs remain in the cars to help speed along the process….and avoid dog fights:)

4. Rocket City Brew Fest

My husband enjoys craft beers, so he was happy to sign up to help out at a local beer sampling event on Saturday.  **To thank the volunteers, the event planners let them attend the weekend festival for free if they volunteered for one night, so my husband was more than happy with that arrangement!

5. Credit card reward points

I earned $16 in reward points this month by simply using my credit card for things I had to buy anyways.  **This is only considered to be frugal because I have not paid any interest in almost 9 years and I always pay off my balance each month.




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