Blessings This Week

Here are some blessings that I received this week:

1. Raincheck

I missed out on a great deal on ice cream sandwiches last week at Kroger because they sold out quickly during their 4 day sale promotion.  While I was checking out at Kroger last week, I was chatting with one of my favorite cashiers and I told her about how bummed I was to miss out on that deal.  She quickly looked up at me and smiled, then proceeded to write me a raincheck (plus one for my mom) so I could get the ice cream sandwiches the next time I came in.  I guess it pays to be nice and friendly to store employees:)

2. Missing books

My daughter was mentioning last week, that she was missing a book in a series and hoped to find it used somewhere.  While shopping at the thrift store this week, we happened to find a copy (but it was not in great condition) so we decided to wait.  Imagine our surprise when we found it the next day in the library’s used book room, in perfect condition! ** I also had been trying to remember the name of a book that I had read a long time ago and was surprised to find it there as well. This was more of a coincidence but still a blessing in my book.

3. Play dates

When you homeschool, sometimes its hard to meet up with kids your own age during the summertime (especially if you are not blessed to have neighbors your own age)  I always feel very blessed whenever my children can play with other kids.  So I am feeling doubly blessed this week, because both of my children have days that they will get to “play” with other children.  **The quotation marks are for Emma, because I do not know if going kayaking counts as play in a teenager’s book:)

How were you blessed this week??

2 thoughts on “Blessings This Week

  1. We were blessed by the fact that our daughter graduated last night. We have homeschooled her from Kindergarten until now, and for high school, went through a diploma program. It has been a much harder task to meet their criteria than it was for some of the other children I’ve homeschooled, because there were some undesired (by her) classes that were required. So, she finished, and we are all super happy and proud of her for doing that.


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