Frugal Accomplishments

Five Frugal Things

1. Used books

I have been looking for a few books in a series that I have been reading lately, so I was happy to find them at the library used book room for just $.50 each.  My daughter also found a book that she was missing from a series for just $1.

2. Kroger deals

Lots of great deals were to be had this week. I picked up 32oz of shredded cheese for $5, salad dressing for $.99, and my favorite brand of detergent for just $1.99 each.

3. Thrift store find

We lucked out and found a huge tub of Duplo blocks for just $2.99…which is a steal…so we scooped it up and will gift it to my nephew, who is totally obsessed with Legos, for his birthday next week.

4. Yard sale find

My son found a Nintendo 3DS game at a yard sale and his deal-savvy grandmother negotiated a great price of $3 for it. **I am terrible at negotiating, but my mom is wonderful at it:)

5. Family night

To avoid getting takeout, I made homemade pizza and peach cobbler for our family dinner night this week. **Anytime I avoid takeout is considered a frugal thing around here!


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