Frugal Accomplishments

Five Frugal Things

1. Free items

This week, our freebies included: a candy bar from Kroger, a package of baby carrots, and seven containers of Cesar dog food treats (courtesy of a random coupon that came in the mail to my mom…who does not even have a dog…so weird!)

2. Thrift store finds

My son loves to wear Crocs in the summer, but his old pair were falling apart, so we were happy to find a brand new pair for just $2.99 at the thrift store **If he finds anything he loves, he says that he hit the jackpot:) We also found a new box of Uno cards for just $.99, a Mad Gab game for $1.99, a couple of tank tops for $2, and two packages of Duplo blocks for $1.99 each (which is a steal).

3. Used fuel points

Since it was getting close to the end of the month, I made sure to check and see if I had any fuel points to use. So I ended up saving 20 cents a gallon and my husband will save 30 cents per gallon when he fills up tomorrow (He has a bigger tank so it makes better sense for him to get the bigger discount)

4. Avoided installment payments

Since we paid our mortgage off almost 4 years ago (Thank you, Dave Ramsey) we have been responsible for paying our home insurance premiums each year.  While it was tempting to just pay the insurance premium off in small monthly payments, they come with a $4 monthly charge, which I just cannot stomach paying.  Instead, I paid the lump sum off all at once, which will save us $48 this upcoming year.  **We also choose to pay our auto insurance the same way, so collectively we save almost $100 each year by simply paying our bill all at once.

5. Forgotten eBooks

We had bought a new Kindle e-reader over Christmas last year and I totally forgot that I had bought eBooks over the past few years that have been just sitting in my Amazon bookshelf waiting to be reread again. So this past week, I downloaded 10 books to my new kindle and have been enjoying them all week.  **It almost feels like I am reading them for free….

One thought on “Five Frugal Things

  1. You got some great finds at the thrift store! I’m sure your son will love those Crocs. I had some a while back, and they are so wonderful when I go camping, to slip on and off, on and off, easily. I think mine must be in the camper right now, because I haven’t seen them for a long time!


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