Frugal Accomplishments

Five Frugal Things

1. Homemade Mother’s Day cards

I always tell my kids to make me a card each year, because it is basically free and way more personal than store bought cards. **I also get a kick out of whatever picture they make for me each year:)

2. No food waste this week!

I always feel so happy when I can say that I did not throw away any food during the week.  **I do admit that I give our guinea pig any veggies that are slightly old, but it still saves us money on guinea pig food costs this way

3. State tax return

We got our tax return from State this week, so I am including that in my Five Frugal Things because it is going directly into savings:)

4. Air conditioner

Now usually air conditioners are not considered to be frugal, but I am currently using one that I found on clearance for half price last fall, so that is frugal!

5. Free chicken and eggs

My dad raises chickens for meat and eggs, so this week he gave me two that he butchered last weekend to put into my freezer. On top of that, I also picked up 3 dozen eggs because his chickens are in their prime laying time of the year and they are being flooded with them each day. Thanks, Daddy!


One thought on “Five Frugal Things

  1. I remember when we had chickens. I gave away tons of eggs, too, and was happy to find people to take them. I wanted to have enough all the time, so I had extra when they were laying well. I didn’t want to mess with selling them at that time, so my friends were blessed. Recently, when visiting a friend I had given eggs to in the past, she blessed me with 4 dozen. Although I never intended for it to come around, it did just that!


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