Frugal Accomplishments

Five Frugal Things


1. Kohl’s Cash

I received $10 in Kohl’s cash a few weeks ago for being a loyal customer for the past 10 years and thankfully I remembered to redeem the coupon before it expired next week:)  I chose to purchase three new bath towels because they were on sale for $3.50 each (and our towels are starting to get really worn)  So my out of pocket cost for 3 brand new towels was just $1.33.

2. Used book sale

I was pleased to pick up a used copy of a science book that I was missing from a series for just $10 at a used book sale recently.  A new copy of this book sells for $20, so I was pleased that I found an used one for such a great price and in such great condition.

3. Made pizza and calzones at home

At the end of a really busy day, I resisted temptation (and saved $15) by making pizza at home.

4. Standardize testing

To avoid paying a proctor to monitor my daughter while she took a standardize test this year, I found a testing service that allowed me to give the test in our own home.

5. Disappearing washcloths

Somehow we have been losing washcloths lately??  (I think we have like 6 left and I am sure I had at least twice that number just a few months ago!)  I was happy to see that Walmart sells a pack of 4 washcloths for just $1, so I made sure to pick up two packs the last time I was in the store.





2 thoughts on “Five Frugal Things

  1. Around here, it’s socks that disappear. I mean pack after pack after pack after pack. Where do they go? No clue. I’m pretty sure it’s the ADHD rearing it’s ugly head….So, the girls often wear two different patterns at the same time. I know it’s the fashion now around here, but it drives me crazy. Still….one can only buy socks so many times and it’s a solution:). They get socks for almost every occasion as gifts..Easter was the last influx. Crazy!


  2. I have given up on having matching socks at my house also. My mother-in-law hates mismatched socks and always sends my kids home with new socks whenever they visit her, but they mysteriously disappear within a few washings….very odd and disturbing:)


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