Weekly Goal Update for Week 14

1. Walk at least 500 miles this year (125 down and 375 to go)

We have had a lot of rain this week, so I did most of the 11 miles I walked indoors.

2. Eat less than 40 net carbs each day

I did this for all 7 days this week!!

3. Read two non-fiction books each month

I will be reading two non-fiction books this month, but I am currently rereading all of the Julie Garwood books I own (I got sucked into the first one and then the others just started to make their way to my bedside table…)  If you enjoy historical romances, you have to try out Julie Garwood…she is my absolute favorite. **There are a few racy scenes, but the books are really well-written.

4. Have two family game nights each month

Highlights of our game night this week:  I made cookie-topped brownies with ice cream for dessert and then we played Apples to Apples (Emma won), Tri-dominos (Matt won), and Pie in your Face (Matt and Emma got creamed!).

5. Have two date nights each month

Not yet

6.  Have one no spend week each month

Not yet

7. Buy nothing new this year

I actually only bought groceries this week, so I am doing pretty good on this goal so far!

8. Add twelve new products to my Teachers pay Teachers store (2 down, 10 to go)

I am falling behind on this goal due to pure laziness….hopefully I will get something going this week….

9. $5 weekly challenge


This week I saw these 5-packs of macaroni and cheese on sale at Kroger for just $2.48 each, so I grabbed two to add to my food bank stash.


How are you coming along on your New Year’s goals??

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