Blessings this Week

With so many ugly things going on in the world and the news, I think it is important for our mental health to recognize all of the wonderful things that are present in our life.  Here are some of the blessings that I received this week:

1. Avoided storm damage to our property

We had a really strong windstorm on Tuesday night and it knocked a tree over in front of our house (it actually opened our mailbox with its branches!)  Since we live in a no-outlet street, the road was blocked for seven families and the power lines/phone lines were completely knocked down.  **Our phone lines are still down but the power came back on in the late afternoon…not having Wi-Fi is a challenge for 6 year olds!!

We were very lucky that was the only tree that fell, because we have many trees that lean into our yard and could have easily caused a lot of damage. So I am very thankful that did not happen and that the tree fell into the street and not onto my neighbor’s house or car. **She actually had a large tree to fall on both of her cars a few months ago…so she is a little rattled.

2. Hot coffee and a warm breakfast make things all better

When we woke up after the storm the next morning to no power or Wi-Fi, everyone was a little grumpy to say the least.  Luckily, I remembered that our gas grill had a small cook stove feature that allowed me to boil water for coffee and to cook a hot breakfast in a skillet…so that was wonderful:)

3. No Wi-Fi = Lots of downtime

Without a blog to work on or Facebook to look at (again and again) I actually got a lot accomplished.  I completely cleaned out my son’s room, reorganized my closet, and cleaned/decluttered my bedroom so that felt really good.  My daughter and husband also had a lot of time to read and talk without the distractions of the internet to sidetrack them.  My little boy had the hardest time, but he survived and actually ended up playing with toys he had not used in a very long while…first world problems….sigh….

**I am always amazed at how an uncomfortable situation can quickly become a learning experience or even create blessings in your day (as long as you can keep a good attitude and a sense of humor about it!)

How were you blessed this week??

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