Frugal Accomplishments

Five Frugal Things

1. Thrift store deals

I found a nice selection of clothes at the thrift store this week. I got two button down shirts for my little boy for just $2 each and a beautiful Easter dress for my daughter for just $4.50.

2. Free items

My mom was decluttering her kitchen this week so I grabbed a few items that I thought I might use in the upcoming years.  Since Ben has actually started eating pancakes (finally)and loves the Ninja Turtles, I thought a Ninja Turtle pancake maker would be a fun thing for him.  I also grabbed an electric skillet (which I have always wanted!) and a small griddle to keep as a backup for my beloved one that I have had for many years.

3. Decluttering finds

One reason I love to declutter is that I always find something I forgot we had…sad but true:) This week, I found an old train set, lots of children’s books that I had stored for later, and a pair of slippers for my son.  **Frugalness is sometimes just using what you have and being thankful it.

4. Budget-friendly Easter

I intentionally kept the children’s Easter baskets simple because I knew that we would be going to several egg hunts and parties this weekend. So they had a decent amount of candy and a few small trinkets to enjoy on Easter morning.

5. Found a new zucchini recipe

This is frugal because every summer we are swamped with zucchini, so any recipe that uses a ton of zucchini is great.  This recipe was a low carb spin on a popular Korean beef recipe, which turned out great after a few tweaks.  *Also, if you haven’t tried zoodles (zucchini noodles) yet because they sound sketchy…well trust me, they are delicious!  Zoodles are also a cheap and really great low carb way to enjoy pasta-type meals again.


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