Frugal Accomplishments

Five Frugal Things

1. Having a low spend week

I made sure to buy all of my Easter basket supplies last week, so I should be able to stay away from the stores this week.

2. Spring cleaning

This week I plan on decluttering and organizing all of our closets and cabinets.  I love to do this throughout the year because I always end up finding something that I forgot I had, which helps prevent me from buying duplicate items later…which I hate!

3. We bought a “new to us” car

I count this as frugal because we negotiated a good price and this newer car gets over twice the gas mileage of the my husband’s old truck.  This will save us a lot of money in the long run because my husband’s new job will have a much longer commute.

4. Chose to repair instead of replace

My son damaged a marker holder attached to our whiteboard this past week.  At first, I was going to throw it away, but then I saw that I could easily fix it with a little thread.  So after about 10 minutes of work, it looks good as new….or at least acceptable:)

5. Reworked my budget

We have a ton of expenses coming up in the next two months, so I decided to see if I could rearrange my budget to fit in the extra costs without having to borrow from savings and I think that it might just work out.  **I tend to pay things early or all at once to avoid monthly installment fees.  However, if I delay paying a few bills closer to their due dates and then do monthly installment payments on my auto insurance for the next few months, I think I can avoid taking out money from savings.  Budgeting is a total juggling act sometimes…


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