Frugal Accomplishments

Five Frugal Things

1. Kroger deals

This week I stocked up on cases of soda for just $1.28 each, party-sized Lay’s potato chips for $1.99, peanut butter for $.80, and a large package of fresh spinach marked down to $1.48.

2. Ordered school books for next year

My daughter is starting high school next year…yikes! Since we homeschool, I have been a little worried about what to teach and the cost of high school textbooks.  Luckily, I found a lot of great websites and developed a plan for my daughter’s freshman year.  I decided to treat high school similar to college and I will be teaching Emma AP-style classes for English, History, and Science.

The great thing about the internet is that the amount of free information is vast.  I found a lot of syllabuses for AP courses online and the instructors even listed the books that they used, which was really helpful. I then headed over to Amazon and scored used books for each subject, for a grand total of only $50, which is crazy cheap for curriculum.

3. Dollar Tree cleaning supplies are awesome

After reading many great reviews on the Dollar Tree’s CRL and Lime-away, I decided to try them out.  My husband used the CRL to clean off a rust streak that has been on our house’s siding for way too long and it worked wonderfully.  Then I used the Lime-away to tackle some stubborn stains that have been around my toilet’s rim and that also worked really well.  So if you were like me and doubted the Dollar Tree’s cleaning products, save yourself a lot of money and try them out…you will not regret it!

4. Credit card reward points

I know some people are anti-credit cards, but I like to game the system and have the credit card company pay me to simply use their card.  This month’s statement showed that I have earned $25 in rewards points for simply using my credit card to purchase items that I would have to buy anyways, so that is pretty sweet.  This year I plan to pay for Christmas and birthdays using my reward points, so I will keep you updated. **To Note:  I always pay my balance off each week and we also have not paid any interest in almost 8 years, otherwise this would not be a smart way to earn extra cash each month.

5. Recycled unwanted candy

Like many kids, my children get way too much candy for every holiday.  However, unlike a lot of children, my kids very rarely eat it all.  If it has been more than six months after a holiday and the candy is still in the pantry, I ask the kids if they want it anymore.  Most of the time they say no, so I get to use it as treats for my Sunday school class.  I love to do this because it is zero waste and also zero cost to me:)

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