Blessings This Week

It is so easy to get caught up in the ugliness of the world or even just the blah-ness of everyday life, that we tend to overlook the beautiful things.  So I decided to share some of the blessings that I have received this past week that sparked some joy into my life:

1. Walks outside with my husband

We have been having cold and rainy weather a lot lately, but yesterday was sunny and not too cool, so I enjoyed a walk with my husband at our local park.  This is one way my husband shows he cares for me because I love walking outside but hate going by myself (I blame the Walking Dead!)

**I will walk by myself at a real park with people walking around, but our local park’s walking trails go through the woods and I have an overactive imagination!

2. Farm fresh eggs

My father’s chickens have been laying like crazy due to the longer daylight, so we have been enjoying them quite often.  I love the fresh eggs because the yolks are almost orange and have a nice buttery taste (at least to me).

3. Giggling children

I love my children, but I can do without the constant whining.  One day this week, instead of asking them to simply play together, I told them to dance to five songs and then play Hotwheel cars for 15 minutes, while I took a walk with my husband.  There was whining before I left, but when we returned they were smiling and being nice to each other so I guess enforced playtime is a good thing:)

**My daughter is much older than my son and doesn’t always want to play with him, but she is a good sport about it mostly (after a lecture on kindness and the importance of doing things we do not always want to do) Thank you Emma!


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