Low Carb Yogurt (+My Favorite Add-ins)

loaded yogurt

I love traditional low carb breakfasts, like omelets, low carb breakfast burritos, etc. But it is so nice to have a no-cook, quick option to spice it up occasionally.  One of the way I mix up the breakfast rotation is to have yogurt a few times per week.  Now most people would assume yogurt (especially flavored) yogurt is not a real low carb food and they would be mostly right. There is one brand of yogurt that is reasonably low carb and delicious, of course I am talking about Triple Zero Yogurt!

Triple Zero Yogurt is sweetened by stevia and contains a lot of fiber, like 10g per 8oz serving, which means that it is relatively filling.  I never eat a whole 8oz serving because it does have 12 net carbs per 8oz serving, so I simply use just 4oz for my meal.  Now you might say, that isn’t enough food! That is where the delicious add-ins come into play.


yogurt ingredients
Those are walnuts in an almonds container…reduce, reuse, recycle:)


Yogurt is great, but loaded yogurt is amazing and filling.  Some of my favorite add-ins are walnuts, chia seeds, hemp hearts, flax seeds, any type of berry, coconut, and cherries.  My current favorite combination is 4oz of yogurt, handful of blackberries, 2T coconut, 2T chia seed mix, and 1oz of walnuts….it is amazing and it rings in with 15g of fiber which is over half of what dieticians say we should be eating each day.  The net carb count for the above combination is 13g, so I do not eat this everyday, but do eat it occasionally when I am craving something besides eggs or do not have time to cook breakfast.

**My all time favorite fruit add-in are dark cherries…delicious!

If you love yogurt and add-ins, what are your favorite combinations??



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