Frugal Accomplishments

Five Frugal Things

1. Thrift Store finds

My daughter and I love to watch romantic comedies, so when I saw My Big Fat Greek Wedding for just $1.50 I scooped it up! I also found two really nice reusable water bottles for just $.99 each.

2. Friends of the Library book sale

Our library is having a 50% off sale in its used book room this month, where I found a hardback of Chester’s Way by Kevin Henkes (a family favorite) to add to my gift stash for $.50 and also picked up a Pilates dvd for my daughter to try out for just $1.

3. Perennials

Since it has been so nice this week, we cleaned out our flower beds in the front yard.  I was pleased to see that all of my perennials are coming back this year, so that will save me from having to replace them next month.

4. Dollar Tree

I picked up some cleaning products, Easter candy, and office supplies at the Dollar Tree this week.  **I am always amazed at all the things that you can find for just $1

5. Limited food waste

I have been trying to watch our food waste lately, so this week I:  froze spaghetti sauce before it went bad, used up all of the sandwich bread (even the ends), made sure the older container of yogurt got opened first, ate random leftovers for lunch, and made sure to refrigerate my son’s half eaten muffins for the next morning.


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