Frugal Accomplishments

Five Frugal Things

1. Thrift Store


Last week I noticed that all of my yoga pants are starting to develop holes in the seam lines which makes me sad because I love yoga pants!! Since I am trying to not buy anything brand new this year, I headed over to the thrift store and found a great pair for just $3 and a cute shirt for Emma for $2.  I also found two classic children’s books that were in great condition for just $1.50, which will make great presents for my niece later this year.

2. Kroger deals


Kroger had great deals on certain items, so I stocked up on Triple Zero yogurt for just $3 a quart, Ken’s salad dressing for $1.49, and 32 oz. blocks of cheese for $4.99 each.

3. Spring clothes

I cleaned out Ben’s closet this past week and was happy to see that he can still fit all of his clothes from last year. **Buying slightly baggy clothes pays off!

4. Clover

Since we have had such warm weather lately, our yard is full of clover, so we have been grabbing handfuls all week to give as treats to our guinea pig.  This means less hay and veggies are being consumed which saves us money in the long run.

5. Cut out coffee creamer

I have been trying to cut out my favorite coffee creamer for awhile now because it has aspartame in it.  This past week, I have noticed that I do not mind plain coffee as long as it isn’t too strong, so that was a nice and healthy surprise:)

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