Low Carb Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups

I adapted this recipe from the Heavenly Homemakers website and it is my favorite low carb dessert of all time.  There are no sugar alcohols so these do not hurt your stomach at all.  The secret to this recipe is to not use the virgin coconut oil that actually tastes like coconuts (unless you actually… Continue reading Low Carb Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups


Learning with Pinterest-Groundhog Day

Since Groundhog day was this week, we decided to learn all about groundhogs in science and make a few fun crafts for art. Interesting facts we learned about groundhogs: 1. We learned that groundhogs are related to squirrels. 2. The people who love groundhogs are called marmotophiles and scientists who study groundhogs are called marmotologists.… Continue reading Learning with Pinterest-Groundhog Day


Chicken Crust Pizza (Low carb and Gluten free)

  I love pizza and I have found many ways to still eat it while on a low carb diet.  One of my favorite low carb pizza recipes, besides Fat head pizza, is called Chicken Crust Pizza. When I first saw this recipe, I was pretty skeptical as to how it would turn out, but… Continue reading Chicken Crust Pizza (Low carb and Gluten free)