Blessings this week

It is so easy to get caught up in the ugliness of the world or even just the blah-ness of life, that we tend to overlook the beautiful things in life.  So I decided to share some of the blessings that I have received this past week that sparked some joy into my life:

1. Essential oils roller ball dispensers

6, Cobalt Blue, 10 ml Glass Roll-on Bottles with Stainless Steel Roller Balls - .5 ml Dropper Included

My wonderful mother-in-law sent me a package for my birthday next week and I was very happy to receive these nifty oil dispensers.  I have been using small jars to store my mixed oils in and it gets extremely messy!  While I am trying to not buy anything new this year, I am not above asking for certain desirable items as gifts:)

2. Ministry Fair

I helped to put on a ministry fair at my church this past weekend and received many blessings from this event.

I was blessed to meet so many wonderful people, who wanted to become more involved with our parish.

I also was inspired to sign up for additional ministries myself.  The first one to catch my eye (and my heart) was a signup sheet for attending Adoration on a weekly basis (The Adoration is where the Eucharist is exposed and people can signup to sit with Christ for an hour at a time.  Our Church offers Adoration for a continuous 24 hr period once a week)

Another one that I signed up for was an outreach ministry that goes to community events and spreads information about the Catholic faith.  **I signed my daughter up for this one as well, because she loves meeting new people.

**One that looked really interesting was the prison ministry…but I don’t think I am ready for that one yet:)

3. Thoughtful Children

This past week my children have surprised me with their kind thoughts towards others.

After we said our bedtime prayers, Ben very worriedly told me we forgot to pray for one of our friends who is going through a trying time right now.  So we quickly prayed for them and he said, “I feel better now!”.

My beautiful daughter Emma agreed to go with my mom to visit a homebound lady from our church on a regular basis, helped to set up the ministry fair tables, and also did all of her daily chores with out being reminded.  Thank you Emma!

Life is filled with so many beautiful blessings if we stop to notice them!

What blessings did you encounter this week?



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