Frugal Accomplishments

Five Frugal Things

1. Kroger deals

I stocked up on cereal for $.99 a box to donate to the food pantry and also remembered to pick up my free Friday downloads, which were a Hershey bar and a Cliff bar.  As I was walking by the frozen food aisle, I remembered that I had an e-coupon for $4 off a box of fish sticks (which happened to be on sale for $4.99) so we had a quick and easy lunch option for only $1.

2. Hobby Lobby finds

Pink Roses in Flower Pot Place Card Holder

I helped to put on a ministry fair for my church this past weekend and was asked to bring in 15 place card holders for our tables.  I was originally going to make them, but then I saw Hobby Lobby had a sale on spring items for 40% off, which made these adorable flower pot type holders just $1.79.  **I was aiming for under $2 a table, so that worked out perfectly.

3. Homemade sign


A church bulletin board I made for a Missions Conference
Since the humidity ruined my sign, I decided to share the pretty Pinterest version (aka This is not my sign!)



I also offered to make a sign for our ministry fair.  Of course I headed over to Pinterest and copied borrowed a few ideas from this board.  Since I am well stocked on paper and printer ink, the only thing I had to buy was a foam poster board, which was just a $1 at the Dollar Tree….God Bless the Dollar Tree!

4. New Sandals

Yes, I actually did break a rule and buy new sandals, but I did find a pretty cheap, well-made pair at Walmart that will last me a few years….so there is that I guess:)  **I have horrible luck finding any nice sandals at the thrift store for some reason.  They are either falling apart or extremely well-worn and not worth buying.

5. Weird Alabama weather

We have had the strangest February that I can remember.  This past week, it has been between 70 and 80 degrees with high humidity, which feels more like early summer to us. The frugal side to the odd weather is that we have not had to use heat for almost 3 weeks.  The only negative side to the weird weather, is that our air conditioners are not put in yet (because its February!!), so our house is mega-humid and warm…


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