Goal Update Week 8

1. Walk at least 500 miles this year ( 68 miles down, 432 to go)

We had beautiful weather this week, so I actually got to walk 7 miles outside!!

2. Eat less than 30 net carbs each day

I did this for 6 out of 7 days

3. Read two non-fiction books each month

I am still searching for my second non-fiction book for the month.  **I totally forgot to pick up a book at the library last week, because I was crazy busy.  Hopefully I will remember this week:)

4. Have two date nights a month (1 out of 2)

We had dinner at Chili’s this past week and used up the rest of our Christmas gift cards, then we took a nice walk at the school’s track

5. Have two family game nights a month (1 out of 2)

We hope to go somewhere fun next week to celebrate the end of Frugal February…of course cheaply!  My son has been wanting to go to Pints and Pixels to play retro video games, so we might do that.

6. Have one no spend week each month Accomplished

7. Add twelve products to my Teachers pay Teachers store

I am still working on a Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets study guide…

8. Try to buy nothing new this year

Sadly, I did buy something new this week.  I desperately needed a new pair of sandals to wear to church because my old ones are falling apart AND the weather decided to act like summer in February. I did abide by Frugal February rules and bought them with budgeted money, so I am trying not to feel too badly.

**I also was asked to buy 15 place card holders for our church’s ministry fair that I am helping to organize, but I consider that as part of my donation to the church. Luckily, I found these really, adorable miniature flower pots at Hobby Lobby for just $1.79, so it was not too expensive, and we can use them for other events as well.

(New items bought so far in 2018: one Hotwheels car and one pair of sandals)

9. $5 weekly challenge

This week Kroger had cereal on sale for $.99 a box, so I picked out five boxes to donate to the food bank.





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