Frugal Accomplishments

Five Frugal Things

1. Made sushi at home

We celebrated my mother’s birthday and the Chinese New Year on Saturday, so I decided bring homemade sushi (which I have never made before….)  But I love sushi and have always wanted to try making it, so luckily Publix had all the ingredients I needed for a very reasonable price.  I chose to make Philadelphia rolls and everyone liked them alot, which was very lucky because not all of my experiments turn out well.  **Oh, and I found out that my favorite sauce at the sushi restaurant is just Sriracha and mayo mixed together, so now I can make it at home:)

2.  I only bought groceries this week

I did not intend to only buy food this week, but I had a really busy week, so no thrift store shopping for me:(

3. No electric heating was used this week

We have had really warm temperatures for February, so we did not have to use any firewood or electric heaters for the past week.

4. Made homemade party decorations


I made some party decorations out of things I had around the house for our Chinese New Year celebration.  Its amazing what you can do with markers, paper, cardboard, popsicle sticks and a little bit of glue!

5. Bartered with my mom

In exchange for watching my sister so my mom could run a few errands, I took home two dozen farm fresh eggs (So fresh that I had to wash the mud off of them!), 2 cutie oranges, and 4 Ramen noodle bowls. **I don’t charge a fee, but my mom likes to humor my “craziness” during Frugal February each year:)



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