Frugal February

Frugal February Week 1 Update

Well this was a pretty low key week for us on the saving money front.  I decided to have my no spend week coincide with the first week of Frugal February to kind of jumpstart the challenge.  So the only money I spent this week was $25 at the grocery store for essential food items.  We have not really felt the pinch of the challenge yet because my freezer and pantry are so well-stocked, but we did have a few uncomfortable moments.

1. Had to say no to Little Debbies….sniff, sniff

We spent all of our grocery money on real food so the delicious junk food had to take a back seat.  **I did make no bake cookies, but the family was not happy (Evil Mom laugh)

2. I actually walked through the thrift store and bought nothing

I really did not see anything that I needed in the thrift store, except for a nice collection of fairy tale stories that would have worked out as a great reader for Ben.  Luckily, I talked myself out of it because I am sure the library has a similar book. **Sadly, I went back into the thrift store today and someone had bought it!!

3. We ran out of bread….

I need to re-evaluate how much bread we are eating because 4 days into my no spend week we ran out.  So, I had to get creative with lunches, but luckily no one starved…

4. We ran out of Doritos

I do not feel too badly about this because the kids still had cheddar popcorn and potato chips. Tough love, people…tough love.

So the first week of Frugal February wasn’t too terrible….but this week might be totally different! The day after I ran to the grocery store for my weekly shopping (spent $48 of my $75 weekly budget), I found out we are almost out of Triscuits, tea bags, butter, and Triple Zero Yogurt, so my leftover grocery money might be cutting it close this week:)


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