Frugal Accomplishments

Five Frugal Things

Here are some of the ways that I saved money this week:

This pony bead fish is perfect for religious settings like Sunday School or VBS, or as an ocean or beach...

1. Made a cute Sunday School Craft for 12 kids for less than $2

My church class has been studying early Christian symbols, so when I saw this really cute craft, I knew my kids would love it.  Luckily, I had found a huge box of beads last summer at a yard sale for $1, so there was no need to rush out and buy brand new ones.  (My daughter donated some yarn for the necklace part, so the only thing I had to buy were pipe cleaners for $1.)  My class really had a fun time and they looked super cute wearing their Christian symbols home:)

2. Organized my “homeschool” room

I have four wall shelves full of homeschool supplies that somehow get into disarray periodically.  So this week, I organized the mess and found lots of things we had forgotten that we had bought at the beginning of the school year.  This actually saved me money because my daughter needed graphing paper and I remembered that I saw some in a pile of notebooks that I had just organized yesterday. Happy student=Happy mama!

3. Prolonged refrigerator lifespan

Surely I am not the only one who has broken refrigerator shelves???! I love my refrigerator because it has everything that I love, including a working ice/water dispenser, but it is getting old quickly.  Over the past few years, the door shelves have started cracking and my cheese/meat drawer has a broken side that needs TLC daily.  After almost breaking the drawer off for the hundredth time, I realized that I could simply switch my cheese/meat drawer location to the bottom drawer and move my fruits and veggies up into the cheese drawer.  This worked wonderfully! Hopefully this will prolong my refrigerator’s life for a few more years:)

4. Ground up my own chicken

Ground chicken is crazy expensive!! I think most brands are almost $4 per lb, which is silly, because whole chicken breasts are just $2 per lb. Luckily, I remembered my dad had a meat grinder, so I saved $8 by grinding up 4lbs of chicken breast myself.

5. Thrift Store Finds


We found some great deals at the thrift store this week.  I snatched up this beautiful quilt for my daughter for $3 and a nice size bag of Duplo blocks for my son for just $3.


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