Frugal Accomplishments

Five Frugal Things

1. Thrift store deals

I found two pairs of like-new pajama pants for my son for just $1 each and scored two almost brand new Captain Underpants books for $.50 each…Tra La La Laaaaa! **Captain Underpants humor:)

This also led to a great life lesson for my son.  When I brought home the books, I reminded him that just a few weeks ago he spent $5 of his Christmas money on a new book and that if he had just waited and found the books at the thrift store he could have gotten ten slightly used books for the same price as the brand new one….It was like a lightbulb went off in his head:)

2. Snow day

We had a couple of snow days last week (which is rare for North Alabama), so we saved money by staying home and enjoying the snow while it lasted.  We made snow slushies and miniature snowmen:)

3.  Got electrical work done for free

I cannot even begin to think of all the money I have saved by asking my wonderful dad for help over the years.  He has helped us to install our laminate floors, redo two bathrooms, install a huge pantry, remodel our kitchen, put on a new metal roof, fix numerous car issues, and the list goes on and on.  This week he fixed a light switch that had been shocking us for awhile in like 20 minutes flat! ** I might could have done this myself by following a Youtube video, but I am sure it would have involved multiple hours and a shock or two!! So thank you Daddy:)

4. We Love Kroger!

I received a free cream cheese, a free Larabar, and a free bag of cheddar popcorn all due to simply having a shopper’s card to their store.  They also had six packs of bottled sodas for just $1.49 each and Boston butts for $.99/lb.

5. All of the usual things that I don’t usually list

Like saving stamps by paying bills online, making all of our meals at home, using the library to supplement our homeschool days, etc.  It might be boring but it saves a lot of money over time:)

What have you done this past week to save money??




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