Learning with Pinterest (Snow edition)


This week we had a snow day, so we decided to focus our science and art on all things snow related, like polar bears, the Arctic, snowmen, and Eskimos.  Luckily, between Pinterest and our library we had a ton of really cute ideas to choose from.

Books we read:

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Snow Bear by Jean Craighead George:  A cute story about a little Eskimo girl that befriends a baby polar bear.  The pictures are especially pretty.

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There Was A Cold Lady Who Swallowed Some Snow! by Lucille Colandro:  Ben especially liked this book.  This lady keeps swallowing random things and eventually spits out a snowman.  Silly, but cute:)

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Sadie and the Snowman by Allen Morgan:  We actually own this book because we love it! Its an adorable story about a little girl that keeps rebuilding the same snowman throughout the winter and finds a fun way to save it to make a new one the next winter.

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Cupboard Bear by Jez Alborough:  This was a new rhyming book we found at the library and really liked.  This story is about a polar bear that has a really realistic dream about snow turning into ice cream.

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The Hat by Jan Brett:  This is a silly story about a little hedgehog that gets a sock stuck on his head and tries to convince all the animals that he is happy and warm, when all he really wants is to get the sock off of him.

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Way up in the Arctic by Jennifer Ward:  This was a really cute rhyming book that introduces different Arctic animals as it counts up to ten.  Ben especially loved it because the numbers were hidden in the pictures, so he enjoyed finding each one.

After we read all of these great books, we picked out some crafty art projects from Pinterest to do for fun.

This one was a really adorable Eskimo that we made using a coffee filter and cotton balls.





Ben’s Eskimo



We also found this cute craft that gives a window view of a snowman outside in the yard.


art projects for christmas | Kindergarten Kids At Play: Fun Winter & Christmas Craftivities
Pinterest version
Ben’s version


After we read our books and did our crafts, I asked Ben some questions to see what he retained.

1. Name three animals that are found in the Arctic.

2. What kind of a home do Eskimos live in?

3. What is an igloo made out of?

4. What does a Polar bear eat?

5. Is the Arctic warm or cold?

6. Is the Arctic at the North Pole or South Pole?

**I am always amazed at how many facts children’s storybooks contain!

After we did all of our school work we headed outside and made what I call “Southern snowmen”….or otherwise known as miniature snowmen:)


Then we finished our day with homemade slushes made from fresh snow and Kool-Aid…the kids might have had 3 or 4….



Well that was how we worked a snow day into our homeschool routine and made some great memories along the way!


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