Goal Update Week 2

1. Walk 500 miles this year 

I walked 9 miles this week, so I am off to a great start.  **18 miles down and only 482 to go

2. Eat less than 30 net carbs

Made it 6 out of 7 days:  I ran out of eggs one morning this week, so I chose to have a little bit of oatmeal instead, which pushed me over my carb limit for the day by 10 carbs.

3. Add 12 new products to my Teachers Pay Teachers store.

Nope….but I did sell one product so that’s something:)

4. Have two date nights a month

One down, one to go.

5. Have two family game nights a month Completed!

We had another family game night this week.  We made homemade pizza and oatmeal candy (yum…I withstood the temptation!) and then we played Apples to Apples Jr. and Hi-Ho Cherry-O.

6. Read 24 non-fiction books this year

Working on finishing up Living Your Strengths by Don Clifton and rereading 7 by Jen Hatmaker(great book!)

7. Have one no spend week a month  Completed!

8. Buy nothing new

While I did not buy anything new this week for my household, I did buy a brand new pack of underwear for my $5 a week challenge. (The charity only accepts brand new underwear and socks)

Here are all the fun deals we found at the thrift store:  a new guinea pig house for $1.99, two children’s books for $0.50 a piece, a really nice writing manual for school for just $1.50 (normally $30), and a new pair of mittens for $0.79.

9. Five dollar weekly challenge

A local charity is hosting a sock and underwear drive so I decided to support that this week and picked up a cute pack of little girl’s underwear at Walmart for just $4. My mother also pitched in eight packs of ramen noodles that she picked up for just a dollar to donate to the food bank.

How are your New Year’s goals coming along?





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